Explore Options to Reconfigure Government Security Services to Reduce Cost and Improve Effectiveness

Project Updates as at 31 May, 2017

Status: Initiation

  • The Project Team completed a Strategic Assessment which explored options for reconfiguring government security services. The finalised Strategic Assessment was approved by Cabinet on 17 May 2017. The Strategic Assessment recommends that Security Guard Services be restructured and that a standardised approach to procurement (risk-based) and contract management be developed and adopted.
  • The Strategic Assessment advises that there is only one viable option, and as such, a recommendation was made for the project to proceed to execution, without the development of an Outline Business Case.

Next key milestone: Finalisation of project initiation documents (estimated completion timeline: June, 2017).

Estimated project completion timeline: To be confirmed.

Project Updates as at 30 November, 2016

Status: Conceptualisation

Work on a project looking at options to reconfigure government security services (PSI21) examines security services except those provided by uniformed Police Officers, in order to reduce cost and improve effectiveness. This project had been paused due to a reprioritisaton of operations and staffing within the Facilities Management Unit. However, it has recently been restarted and options for the way forward are expected to be presented in a Strategic Assessment by March 2017.

Project Updates as at 25 May, 2016

Related EY Recommendations:

47 – Re-evaluate the need for the volume and scope of security services employed
13.1.4 – Security at Court, Governor’s House and police cells
13.1.5 – Outsourcing and employee mutual, warrants and summons


Minister: Hon. Kurt Tibbetts

Project Sponsor: Mr. Alan Jones, Chief Officer

Overview (taken from Cabinet’s Project Future Programme Brief): The Government currently contracts for a considerable number of security personnel across its estate.  This project will re-evaluate security risk across the Government estate in order to ensure that future security services and physical security measures are matched to the assessment of risk.  It will then consider the potential to alter contacting arrangements with private sector security for some or all Government work and examine the potential to use redeployed Government security guards to take on some or all functions currently undertaken by unfirmed police officers.

Status: A Strategic Assessment is being progressed.  

Ministry/Portfolio Update:

  • A Strategic Assessment has been submitted that examines all security services except those provided by uniformed Police Officers, for the issuing of Criminal Warrants and Summonses and other police activity. A quality review has been completed and it is now being finalised for approval.
  • An evaluation of security services not in scope for this Strategic Assessment will be re-assigned to the Ministry of Home Affairs.