Explore Options to Improve the Efficiency and Effectiveness of Land Surveying Services

Project Updates as at 31 May, 2017

Status: Initiation

  • This project has been approved for implementation, following approval of an OBC on April 19, 2017. This OBC builds on the SA approved in February 2016, and focuses on delivering a reengineered business process with expanded use of the private sector.
  • A Project Charter has now been submitted for review. Once this is finalised, the project will move to the Detailed Planning phase.

Next key milestone: Finalisation of project initiation documents (estimated completion timeline: June, 2017).

Estimated project completion timeline: December 2017

Project Updates as at 30 November, 2016

Status: Business Planning

The Strategic Assessment considering options to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of Land Surveying Services (PSI 26) was approved and published in June 2016 and identified potential options for change either by a programme of internal improvements to the existing service, or by outsourcing parts of the service to the private sector. These options for change have been tested through the business case process to see which best meets three key objectives identified for the project, namely:

  • improvements in customer satisfaction;
  • a reduction in the capital costs of producing survey jobs; and
  • a reduction in the field survey operational costs.

The business case has now been completed and is scheduled for formal review in December 2016, before it is finalised for submission and approval.

As a result of the initial phase of work to develop Strategic Assessments, three projects have been stepped down from the Programme to allow the relevant departments to take forward the improvements they have identified immediately as “business as usual”.

Project Updates as at 25 May, 2016

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Minister: Hon. Kurt Tibbetts

Project Sponsor: Mr. Alan Jones, Chief Officer

Overview (taken from Cabinet’s Project Future Programme Brief): This project will review the size, function, efficiency and effectiveness of current in-house land surveying activity; consider the scope to develop the use of external contractors; and determine how the work might be appropriately packaged.

Status: This project is being progressed (a Strategic Assessment has been approved by Cabinet). (Press Release)

Ministry/Portfolio Update:

  • A Strategic Assessment has been approved, and preparations are underway to progress to the next stage, to develop an Outline Business Case.