Planning Ministry to Improve Land Surveying Services

Published by Ministry of Planning, Lands, Agriculture, Housing and  Infrastructure, 8th June 2016

Options for meaningful change expected to improve Customer satisfaction and reduce costs

Minister for Planning, Lands, Agriculture, Housing & Infrastructure, Hon. Kurt Tibbetts

A review of land surveying services, as a result of Government’s Project Future programme, has identified a short-list of options to improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs.

As part of Project Future’s ambition to achieve better outcomes and encourage public service innovation, options that will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of land surveying services have been identified by the Ministry of Planning Lands, Agriculture, Housing & Infrastructure (PLAHI).

The Strategic Assessment, published by the Ministry today, tested a wide range of options against their ability to achieve three key objectives identified for the project, namely:

  1. improvements in customer satisfaction;
  2. a reduction in the capital costs of producing survey jobs; and
  3. a reduction in the field survey operational costs.

The Strategic Assessment concludes that these objectives could best be met, either by a programme of internal improvements to the existing service, or by outsourcing parts of the service to the private sector.

A range of internal improvements were also identified in the Strategic assessment. These include process efficiencies that would reduce costs and concentrate activity on areas of value to customers; better utilisation of data in planning and managing delivery effectively; and steps to eliminate unnecessary costs.

Alternative options to outsource should also be considered, the Strategic Assessment concludes. For example, the services of local providers in the private sector could potentially be harnessed, and different ways of packaging the work to make it viable and attractive to the private sector should also be reviewed.

Minister for Planning and Lands, Hon. Kurt Tibbetts welcomed the Strategic Assessment stating “I am delighted that the Ministry has been able to identify genuine options for meaningful change, which have the potential to improve services and to reduce costs.”

The Strategic Assessment has been signed off by Cabinet and the short-listed options for change will now be tested in more detail through the creation of an Outline Business Case, which will establish the preferred option for implementation.

The Ministry’s Chief Officer, Alan Jones, acknowledged the hard work of the staff who had worked on the Strategic Assessment, as well as the policy officers in his Ministry, who provided oversight and support. “Project Future has introduced a new way of working for many staff. It has indeed been challenging, but we are using the strategic assessment and business case process as a tool to challenge our thinking and to really evaluate the quality and efficiency of our work. This process has enabled my team to evaluate all of the options,” Mr Jones explained.