Modernizing Facilities at Owen Roberts International Airport

Relevant EY Recommendations:

8.1 – Airports Authority, immediate improvements
8.2 – Sale or long term lease
OR 8.3 – IPO
OR 8.4 – PPP

The Government has committed to improvements at Owen Roberts International Airport largely in support of the tourism industry but there will be benefits to business more broadly and to residents as facilities are upgraded. There are further economic benefits in terms of construction and operational jobs associated with the project.

Short term improvements at the Airport have been put in place. The new temporary Departure Lounge has opened to accommodate more than 200 additional passengers and the facilities include additional restrooms. Further departure gates and segregated arrival arrangements for transit passengers to the USA have reduced queues and improved customer experience.

For the longer term, major infrastructure improvements are on the way that will improve the airport for residents and visitors alike. The ground breaking ceremony has been held for the first phase of construction on the new $55 million terminal expansion project and the works necessary to complete runway strengthening to accommodate the British Airways Boeing 777 will enable those aircraft to commence service to Cayman in March 2017.

Current Status: In Implementation

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