Develop and Implement a new Sustainable Waste Strategy for the Cayman Islands

Relevant EY Recommendations:

9.2 – PPP Landfill
9.3 – Introduce and enforce waste fees
9.4 – Outsource Waste Collection

The Cayman Islands currently has an over-reliance on landfill which is both unsustainable and undesirable. The Government has commissioned work to create and implement a new national waste management policy. The Government has accepted the need for an integrated waste solution that adheres to the waste hierarchy and will encourage people and businesses to reduce, reuse and recycle more.

The full solution will require infrastructure investment to provide built waste facilities that reduce the need for landfill. The principle that the waste producer should meet the additional costs is guiding the work and funding strategies could include a Public Private Partnership (PPP). Dealing with the issues at current landfill sites, particularly in George Town, will be part of the solution proposed.

A Strategic Outline Case was agreed in April 2014. A draft National Solid Waste Management Policy has recently been subject to public consultation alongside an update on the work underway to create an integrated solid waste management system. The Policy will be finalized shortly and further work has progressed on the shortlisted options for the integrated solution which will result in the production of an Outline Business Case, due by the end of this year.

Current Status: In Business Case development

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