As defined by Cabinet, the Project Future programme will be taken forward in three distinct project groupings:

Project Group 1:  Achieving Better Outcomes (ABO)

Project Group 2:  Public Service Innovation (PSI)

Project Group 3:  Civil Service Transformation (CST)

Projects within the three groups vary in terms of focus and their governance arrangements, as explained in the diagram below.

Achieving Better Outcomes (ABO)

    • These projects are usually large scale changes in the way major areas of public service operate.
    • Some flow from EY; others are Cabinet priorities.
    • They will require their own, bespoke project governance arrangements.
    • They will report directly in to Caucus and Cabinet.

Examples: capital projects, and ongoing projects such as the Airport development and potential new projects on generating local employment.

Public Service Innovation (PSI)

  • These projects aim to make government operations more effective and efficient, improving in-house delivery and considering greater private sector involvement in delivery.
  • Most flow from the EY report.
  • They are overseen by a Project Future Steering Committee.
  • Cabinet is the decision-maker.

Examples: To improve debt collection at the HSA; to reconfigure Government Security Services

Civil Service Transformation (CST)

  • These projects focus on changes to transform the way the civil service operates in areas that impact the entire civil service.
  • They flow from EY or the Deputy Governor’s priorities.
  • They are overseen by the Chief Officer Transformation Leadership Team.
  • Deputy Governor is the decision-maker.

Examples: Improving performance management; improving government procurement.

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