Implementation Strategy Overiew

In drawing up the programme, Cabinet and the Deputy Governor (for Civil Service Transformation projects) have drawn on the content of the 2014 report from consultants EY and they have identified other potential projects not considered by EY.

Candidate projects have been analysed against a set of criteria created by the Government, based on its published 12 Broad Outcomes and successive Strategic Policy Statements, against which potential public sector reform projects could be measured. Those criteria are that projects should make a significant contribution in terms of:

  1. Establishing and maintaining effective frameworks of governance and financial stability for Government
  2. Supporting the growth of financial services and tourism as the key pillars of the Cayman economy
  3. Developing required infrastructure through direct investment and by supporting the private sector
  4. Fostering a positive business environment that incentivizes entrepreneurialism and minimizes the cost of doing business
  5. Ensuring the benefits of growth are felt in all parts of society
  6. Balancing economic growth with necessary environmental protection.

In total, there are 51 projects being taken forward under the Project Future programme. It should be recognised that in fact a number of the “projects” specified at this stage will in effect become sub-programmes in their own right as they are developed, each comprising a number of distinct projects.  This sub-programme approach would include, for example, the potential transformation of health provision and the work on implementing E-government.

The 51 projects in the programme cannot all be taken forward at the same time so they have been allocated to phases.

In a dynamic, well-managed programme, both the content and the phasing will change.  Projects currently in the programme will be excluded, for example if the business case does not justify taking them forward.  Equally, new projects will be defined in response to changing circumstances.  The programme as drafted is therefore only the starting point and not the final statement of the Government’s ambition.

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