Improving Government Communications Activities

Project Updates as at 31, May 2017

Status: Closing

  • Progress to date has focused on internal communications. Some key achievements include the launch of an improved intranet, successful recruitment of a Chief Internal Communications Officer, and ongoing communications training.
  • The Transformational Leadership Team has granted approval for the project to be closed at this stage and for a transfer of the remaining deliverables to be carried forward as a part of the Civil Service Strategic Plan. Once the Project Closure report had been finalised, the project will be categorised as closed.

Next key milestone: Completion of the Project Closure report and formal closure of the project.

Estimated project completion date: June 2017.

Project Updates as at 30 November, 2016

Status: Business Planning

Work has continued to improve Government’s communications activities (CST01). Following last year’s review of our communications by a group from the UK Government Communications Service, the Cabinet Office has continued to work on implementing the report’s recommendations, with a focus on improving internal communications. During the reporting period, two (2) secondments involving Heads of Internal Communications for the UK Cabinet Office and the FCO have been completed, provided at no cost to CIG by the UK Government, aimed at providing training, development and capacity building for the Civil Service. Through this arrangement, a more strategic approach to internal communications has been implemented and a new Government Hub as the primary channel for internal communications has been launched. Internal Communications Training has been delivered for GIS and other Civil Servants and recruitment is underway for two key Senior Internal Communications posts.

Project Updates as at 25 May, 2016


The Premier: Hon. Alden McLaughlin

Project Sponsor: Mr. Samuel Rose, Cabinet Secretary

Overview (taken from Cabinet’s Project Future Programme Brief): This project explores potential options to improve Government Communication activities. The Government sponsored a communications capability review undertaken by the UK Government Communications Service. The outcome of that review is guiding the creation and implementation of necessary changes.

Status: Outline Business Case not yet progressed. However, key enabling elements of the project are in progress.

Ministry/Portfolio Update:

  • Following last year’s review of our communications, the Government has continued to implement many of the report’s recommendations. One particular area that has seen progress is around professionalising the capacity of our internal communications to engage our staff and connect them with the Government’s priorities, fostering better connectedness and promoting collaboration.
  • This is being done with the support of a UK Government communications professional who is assisting the leadership in providing change communications that can assist us with the delivery of some of our most important programmes. 
  • There are further plans to appoint within the next 3 months a Director of Communications in the Cabinet Office to coordinate overall communications across the public sector and to oversee the implementation of standardization within the communications profession.
  • As per agreed timelines, an Outline Business Case is currently scheduled to be delivered by 30 September, 2016.