Project Future: The Future is Now

In September 2014, the Cayman Islands Government received a report from EY.  While it made over 80 recommendations, the report was clear that it only “provides indicative advice and analysis to support [the Government’s] consideration as to future action”.

In response to the EY report, the Government publicly stated its intention to consider the recommendations and to utilise the report as a key input to decision making.  In doing so, the Government recognised that the EY report was only one source of potential projects and other ideas for reform should also be considered.  Over the period September 2014 to November 2015, the detailed work necessary to develop and to analyse candidate projects has been undertaken.

The result is the creation of the Project Future programme as set out in the booklet “Project Future: Creating a sustainable future for the Cayman Islands”. However, this is not “just another report”. Project Future, for the first time, establishes a comprehensive and far-reaching programme of public sector reform that will drive efficiency and improve the effectiveness of public services.  The programme will see the implementation in full or in modified form of the majority of EY’s recommendations and a number of other projects.  It has also been possible to exclude from further consideration a number of recommendations made by EY on the basis that they do not make a significant contribution to the outcomes that the Government has committed to achieve.

Now the focus shifts to implementation and the public service will be responsible for ensuring the mandate established by Cabinet is delivered.  Ultimately, the success of Project Future will require the contributions of many individuals and leadership at all levels. Through the continued support of Cabinet and the leadership and support of Chief Officers, who will be responsible for delivering the projects assigned to their individual Ministries/Portfolios, the Deputy Governor the Hon. Franz Manderson is committed to to leading the changes needed within Government that improve public services for the benefit of all who live and work here.

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