Merger of Schools in the Brac

Project Updates as at 31 May, 2017

Status:  Not yet progressed

  • In April 2015, a Strategic Assessment was approved by Cabinet.
  • At the direction of Cabinet, the project has been paused to allow the Ministry to focus on more immediate capital spending priorities, including recommencement of the John Gray High School.

Next key milestone: Completion of an Outline Business Case.

Estimated project completion timeline: N/A – Project has not yet been initiated.

Project Updates as at 30 November, 2016

Status:  Not yet progressed

Project has been paused in order to allow the Ministry to focus on more immediate capital spending priorities including work at John Gray High School.

Project Updates as at 25 May, 2016

Relevant EY Recommendations:

4.2 – Merger of Schools in the Brac


Minister: Hon. Tara Rivers

Project Sponsor: Mr. Christen Suckoo, Chief Officer

Overview (taken from Cabinet’s Project Future Programme Brief): This project involves the future configuration of primary education on Cayman Brac. A Strategic Assessment identified a preferred option to merge the three primary schools into a single new school, with the potential to deliver cost savings and support the achievement of better educational outcomes for students.  The Outline Business Case will consider the best option for siting the new school, either on one current site or on a completely new site on the bluff.  It will also evaluate the option to relocate the Brac’s secondary school to the new site as well.

Status: Not yet progressed.

Ministry/Portfolio Update:

  • This project has been paused to allow work on the recommencement of the John Gray High School project to proceed. The Ministry is preparing to recommence  work on this project, in collaboration with the Ministry of District Administration, Tourism and Transport.
  • This Outline Business Case was initially scheduled for 30 April, 2016. (A request is being prepared for a revised delivery date.)