Explore Potential to Transform Health Provision

Project Updates as at 31 May 2017

Status: Not yet progressed

  • This project is inactive. The anticipated SA was put on hold by Cabinet, pending the outcome of a planned performance audit by the Office of the Auditor General on the health care system. It was subsequently included by Cabinet in the list of projects for which no progress was anticipated prior to May 2017.
  • The OAG report “Ensuring quality health care and a Healthy Population” was published January 2017.
  • At Cabinet’s direction no progress was expected on this project prior to May 2017.

Estimated project completion timeline: N/A – Project has not yet been initiated.

Project Updates as at 30 November, 2016

Status: Not yet progressed

The development of the case for change will depend upon the outcome of a planned performance audit by the Office of the Auditor General on the healthcare system.

Project Updates as at 25 May, 2016

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2.1 – Outsource whole hospital operations


The Premier and Minister: Hon. Alden McLaughlin

Project Sponsor: Ms. Jennifer Ahearn, Chief Officer

Overview (taken from Cabinet’s Project Future Programme Brief): This project will review the efficiency and effectiveness of the operations of the Health Services Authority’s operations and consider alternative means of meeting the health needs of HSA customers, either through a reformed HSA model, a wholly outsourced provider or some form of joint venture. It will also review process for overseas treatment procedures.

Status: Not yet progressed.

Ministry/Portfolio Update:

  • The Office of the Auditor General has proposed a performance audit on the health service which has potential implications for this project. The Chief Officer is currently seeking clarification. A Strategic Assessment was initially scheduled for 31 May, 2016.