Develop and Implement a new Sustainable Waste Strategy for the Cayman Islands

Project Updates as at 31 May 2017

Status:  Project Execution

  • Following on from the development and approval of the policy and an OBC by Cabinet, on 7 September 2016, this project has continued to progress to the stage where an integrated solid waste system contract is now being finalised.
  • The project is to be delivered via a Design Build Finance Operate and Maintain Contract procured via a Competitive Dialogue procurement process. The evaluation and moderation of outcomes of Final Tender bids was submitted to CT on 28 April, 2017. Cabinet approval to appoint the preferred bidder and reserve bidder was given on 20th June 2017.

Next key milestone: Award of contract (estimated completion timeline: March 2018).

Estimated project completion timeline: December 2020 (dependent on contract award timescale).

Project Updates as at 30 November, 2016

Status: Initiation

The major environmental project being taken forward within the Project Future Programme is that to develop and implement a new sustainable waste strategy for the Cayman Islands (ABO11).  A key milestone achieved during this reporting period was the publication for public consultation of the Outline Business Case for the proposed solution which comprises clear plans for:

  • New waste collection arrangements
  • Enhanced waste reduction measures (home composting, bottle return, etc.)
  • Increased reuse of bulky waste such as old furniture
  • Much improved recycling facilities and potentially a materials recovery facility
  • Composting of yard waste
  • Energy recovery of the residual waste
  • A small residual landfill requirement that can be met on the existing site in a new properly engineered facility

The report concludes that the solution which has been developed over the last two years in close consultation with the community “is considered to be deliverable, bankable and consistent with modern international standards for sustainable solid waste management”. The Outline Business Case was approved by Cabinet in September 2016, and the process to procure a tenderer to deliver the project has commenced.  The prequalification of bidders is underway, and pre-qualified bidders will be invited to enter into further dialogue early in the new year.

Project Updates as at 25 May, 2016

Relevant EY Recommendations:

9.2 – PPP Landfill
9.3 – Introduce and enforce waste fees
9.4 – Outsource Waste Collection


The Premier and Minister: Hon. Alden McLaughlin

Project Sponsor: Ms. Jennifer Ahearn, Chief Officer

Overview (taken from Cabinet’s Project Future Programme Brief): The Cayman Islands currently has an over-reliance on landfills, which is both unsustainable and undesirable. The Government commissioned work to create and implement a new national waste management policy and to develop an Outline Business Case, with options for an integrated waste management solution for the Cayman Islands.

Status: An Outline Business Case is being progressed (Strategic Outline Case approved by Cabinet).  (Approved Outline Business Case) (Press Release

Ministry/Portfolio Update:

  • A Strategic Outline Case was prepared by consultants and agreed by Cabinet pre-Project Future, in April 2014.
  • A National Solid Waste Strategy has now been finalized for approval from Cabinet and subsequent release it to the public.
  • The Outline Business Case is being prepared by the consultants and is expected to be finalised in the next few weeks.