44 Projects in Progress at One-Year Mark for Project Future

ProjectReportUpdate2016_Cover_FINALWith the first year of implementation for the Project Future programme behind them, the Cayman Islands Government published a report that outlines the progress achieved by Project Future projects since the first Update Report, in May 2016.  (Project Future Update Report November 2016)

While this five-year programme of public sector reform does not represent the totality of the Government’s work, as other important projects are progressing outside of Project Future, this portfolio of projects certainly demonstrates the Government’s response to the immediate economic pressures, while laying the foundation for economic prosperity to come. Indicating the diverse array of projects being pursued, Project Future also includes a range of important initiatives that will further enhance social progress in the Cayman Islands. Through this major reform initiative, the Cayman Islands Government seeks to achieve a real shift in the way public services are delivered in the Cayman Islands and in doing so, aims to modernise the culture and practice, as many of the projects underway aim to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of public services.

“We are seeing more and more reports coming through setting out proposals for change”, reports the Hon. Premier Alden McLaughlin. While noting a demonstrated drive to implement the much needed changes he further states that, “the work undertaken in this first year of implementation demonstrates clearly that this Government is committed to seeing through the ambitious agenda for change that it has established.”

With over 80 civil servants having been trained in business case writing and around 75 having participated in project management training, the Project Future programme aims to build expertise and capability among Civil Servants to manage and deliver projects effectively and efficiently.

Since the launch of the programme, Civil Servants have been actively applying these newly developed skills to take forward projects within the Project Future programme. As of the November 2016 Update Report, twelve (12) Strategic Assessments and four (4) Outline Business Cases have now been approved by Cabinet, with two of those Outline Business Cases having been prepared by Civil Servants and two with the support of consultants.

With 53 individual projects being monitored at the end of the one-year mark for the Project Future programme, 44 projects (83%) are currently being progressed and are either preparing for or already delivering much needed changes. While there has been a lot of emphasis on researching and developing proposals for change, twenty (20) of the projects being progressed (45%) are either in planning, implementation or have been completed. According to the Hon. Deputy Governor Franz Manderson, “each of the 53 projects selected by the Government presents an opportunity to provide solutions to important problems and to deliver benefits to our community and the people we serve”.

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