Training to Spur Civil Service Reform

88 civil servants across Government took part in business case development workshops led by United Kingdom private sector trainers in October and November 2015.

These sessions honed the skills necessary to research, produce, present and assess business cases in individuals involved in Project Future.

“Through Project Future, we are introducing business cases as a management tool for transparent, evidence-based decision-making within the civil service.  This will require new skill sets and ways of working, from both the political and administrative arms of government,” Deputy Governor, the Hon. Franz Manderson, explained.

Mr Manderson added, “These workshops are part of our commitment to capacity-building, which is an important part of the Project Future implementation strategy.”

Business Case Training Pic 2_Small group discussion

Following its development of the first standardised business case templates and guidance documents for use across the civil service, the Strategic Reform Implementation Unit (SRIU), which oversees Project Future, partnered with the Civil Service College to deliver sessions aimed at embedding the use of these templates across the service.

andpartnership, a UK-based firm that specialises in improving business performance, with a focus on the human side of change, facilitated the training.

Senior Consultant David Parton is among the members andpartnership team presently working with the SRIU.

Commenting that the new SRIU business cases have been written to high standards, Mr Parton stated: “We are delighted to be a part of the Project Future development process. The business case templates and guidance developed by the SRIU are some of the best we’ve ever seen, in our work with private and public sector clients. It is now a matter of the civil service utilising these tools intelligently and appropriately, to deliver great business cases.”

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